Ken’s book of short stories, The Gods of Angkor Wat is loaded with tough-knuckled fiction.

You can find it in paperback here. You can find it on Kindle at Amazon here.

“This is a book I will read again and again, not for the uplift one might get from a simple, happy ending, but for the emotional complexity that Rodgers’s stories make me experience. It’s awe, really; these stories hold me in awe. And I am so very glad to have read them.”

-Patricia Ann McNair, Author of “The Temple of Air 



Passenger Pigeons

Ken’s third book of poetry, Passenger Pigeons, is packed with ponderings on the natural and on human nature, on that which has been extinguished, on the here and now, on friendship.

Published in December of 2010 by Jaxon’s Press in Northern California. Read the first stanza from “The Storm.”

Against the looming mountains
to the east the thunder rattles
against the morning plaintive
like an ancient call to muster


“The depth of these pieces, the bold beauty and deep, unflinching grit; the acid and sweet; wisdom and questions…what the best poetry does for me, makes me feel lucky to be able to see. See. And then look, in a way forever altered and enriched…Even the darkest, most gloves-off pieces enlighten in ways that stay with me.”
-Margo Metegrano, Former Director of the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry-

An excerpt from the cover: “Whether he’s sorting through flashback snapshots in his torments-of-war scrapbook, or celebrating with awe and veneration the mysteries between and within brushstrokes of nature’s masterpieces, Ken Rodgers imbues every line – every vision, sensibility, sentiment – with the musical, visual essences of poetry at its finest.”
-Paul Zarzysky, Poet-

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Barstow And Other Poems

Here’s what people are saying:

“Spare.  Roughly-hewn.  Then a gentleness, a calm.  This is the landscape of Barstow. Ken’s poems take you through a Rocky Mountain terrain of the present, then slip back in time to Vietnam and his experience serving as a Marine, finally to re-emerge to the beauty of his home in Idaho with “Mozart’s geology.”  Yet after the journey through the hellish jungles of Vietnam and war, you can still feel its merciless grip.

“Filled with sounds and rhythm, images of mountains and lakes, the poems express the raw nature of man and beast, the brutal lock-hold of life over death at any cost.  But then Ken draws your attention to the fescue on a hill, wild turkeys, maple leaves and lilacs, a brindled cat.  What a relief–these are as real as the M-16s.” 

~ Nancy Cavers Dougherty, poet, has released two books in 2008:  Tape Recorder On, and Silk which she co-authored  with Jampa Dorje.

“Barstow is a fine book–intelligent and immediate, lyric and raw.  It covers an astonishing range of subjects and tones, and it never falters.  Each poem is its own treasure.”

– Jean Hegland, acclaimed author of Into the Forest, Windfalls, and Still Time. 

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Trench Dining

Ken’s first book of poetry, Trench Dining, was published in 2003 by Running Wolf Press.  The collection is representative of Ken’s work from 1990 to 1998, and depicts a broad range of life “in the trenches,” from Vietnam war scenes to ex-wives and other colorful characters and gripping situations.


In a review by author Jonah Raskin in “The Press Democrat,” published Nov. 30, 2003, we learn that, “What’s impressive about these poems is that while they’re violent and explosive, they’re also disciplined, as disciplined as a well-trained soldier in battle.  Yes, these poems are shocking, but there’s also art here.”   Raskin concludes by stating, “Trench Dining announces a strong and unique voice in our poetry scene, a voice we’re certain to hear more of, and more about, too.”

San Francisco author Catherine Brady states, “Rodgers is not afraid to depict what is brutal in people or of making the reader consider it in light of what is good and hopeful in them as well.”   Brady’s works include these collections of short stories:  Curled in the Bed of Love, winner of the 2002 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, and The End of the Class War.

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